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As we have worked for the biggest brands on the market, we know how to offer the highest quality services adjusted to the needs of the most demanding clients. Our consultants speak English, German, French, Russian and Polish and therefore, we can easily help you find perfect matches also in the international business environment.


We must not forget that you may also have to deal with employees leaving the organization. This is often a difficult situation for both the employer and the employees. Therefore, it is important to make every stage of cooperation with the company positive.

Recruitment training

Conducting the recruitment process efficiently is one of the most important yet also one of the most difficult tasks faced by the management. Managers may be specialists in their fields but may not necessarily be trained in recruiting new employees for their teams. Together we can work on preparing the best possible recruitment experience for your managers, so that the future recruitment processes in your company run smoothly and efficiently.

Extended DISC assessments

DISC assessments can be used not only during the recruitment process but also we can provide them to your current employees. Thanks to these tests your employees will learn how to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others to create successful relationships with subordinates, customers, prospects, colleagues and managers.

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How do we work


We know how crucial it is to use the original approach to win the best talents on the job market. There is no time to waste, if you want to face new challenges and stay competitive.


That is why we do not wait until a perfect candidate applies, but we actively search for the best match for your company.


With our top headhunting experience & skills we can assure you, that we will present to you as many candidates as you need, until you will find the right employee.


Our consultants have experience in industries such as IT & new technologies, finance, banking, marketing and HR. We work only on carefully selected recruitment projects and therefore we are faster than your other providers. We are also more flexible and more adaptable, our team is just big enough and therefore we can easily adjust to the specific needs of your organization.


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