5 steps to a great CV

5 steps to a great CV

You are looking through offers and you finally come across the job of your dream. Emotions are now cooling down and you start to think how to create a CV which will be a springboard for the next recruitment stages.  Below you will find some simple steps  that will increase your chances for success. 

1. Start with the offer. 

Read again the requirements. Write down the skills and qualifications that match your profile. Circle keywords that are specific to your industry. These details will be needed in the next steps. 

2. Choose the right template. 

Try to make your CV look good. Choose a template that will be transparent and easy to edit. Analyze your experience. 

3. Write down your achievements. 

Achievement is defined as a situation when you have managed to save time, money or to improve processes. Even the slightest success in your CV will make you stand out from other candidates.

4. Combine 

Prepare an introduction with basic contact details. List workplaces and roles, do not forget about the start and end dates. Next, point out your responsibilities and skills, by selecting and highlighting “keywords” from the offer. Add achievements, training courses & language skills.

5. Check. 

Take a break and return to your CV after a while, to look at the document again, with fresh eyes. Make sure there are no mistakes or that your experience will be understood by someone from another industry. Remember that the recruiter or a manager ”scans” rather than reads your resume. With this information in mind, check if the most important skills and achievements will catch the reader’s eye.  

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