Success story with EasyInterview

Due to organizational changes, Joanna, a Senior Copywriter, was forced to take a quick step and look for a new job. Some time had passed since her last interview, she had a lot of questions and was looking for answers. Some seemed to be quite simple as ”How to dress for an interview?” and some gave her more stress as ”Why do you want to leave your current employer?”. She contacted EasyInterview to dispel all doubts and prepare herself the best way she could. 

As a first step we did CV correction – we abridged the document and added some key aspects relevant for the job offer chosen by Joanna. Joanna sent her professional CV and once she received a positive reply from the recruitment team, we proceeded to further preparations. Job interview simulation was effective; Joanna felt definitely more confident on her way to the recruitment meeting. 

The interview took more than an hour, and the recruiter asked her a number of complex questions. Thanks to our advice and interview simulation, she was well-prepared, which also helped her to stay calm during the interview. Motivated by positive feedback, she went through more recruitment processes and received great offers from two other employers. 

The scope of EasyInterview services included: motivational conversation, correction of the CV for a specific job offer, simulation of a job interview tailored to the client’s industry and consultations with Joanna in case of questions or doubts during the entire job search period which lasted 2 months. The cost of such package at EasyInterview is PLN 1,500.